Shared virtual server for trading

Cloud technologies offer an ideal, effective tool for organizing the work at an enterprise. A public virtual server ensures fast scalability, no matter how much operations you perform. Predefined sizes increase the management efficiency of any technological process, allowing information to instantly reach the addressee. Virtual servers are equally suitable for large and private companies, facilitating administration, significantly reducing operating costs and providing 24/7 access to important information. Any business requirements are taken into consideration, which makes it easier to start the server.  

The main advantages of public virtual servers

  • Easy access to information regardless of the enterprise location.
  • Public virtual servers are SSL-certified to ensure 100% secure communication between the clouds.
  • The company will ensure the complete safety of information not only in the storage located in the cloud, but also control the protection of transmitted information from the client to server.
  • The customer can choose any configuration that suits him.
  • Deployment takes place in no time.
  • Scalability is determined by the needs of company.

When offering public servers, we work with everyone individually, taking into account the requests of large corporations or private individuals. The client has the right to focus on a small or huge server capable of solving many complex problems at maximum speed. If necessary, each division of the enterprise receives a local server with its own access password and data storage. The price of services is negotiated with each customer individually.

Features of the work of public network servers

When choosing a product, you need to understand that shared virtual servers working with other network storages can fail in the quality of traffic. If this starts to negatively impact other virtual servers used by your company, the server can be quickly restarted on the new host. If this does not give the expected effect, you can turn it off completely. Most often, the negative impact occurs when the traffic volume is above 20,000-30,000 packets per second. One hundred percent guarantee is given only by individual dedicated servers.

Types of existing public servers

The choice of a server type is determined by the client based on his individual requirements for the provided service. More information can be obtained by contacting us by phone or by filling out an application on the website. The administrator will contact you as quickly as possible, give any consultations free of charge, answer all questions. We equally respect the interests of corporations and private customers, individually approaching the solution of the assigned tasks.

  • Standard or balanced. Handles typical cloud workloads that require standard scalability and performance. Uses network attached storage of the specified capacity.
  • Balanced local storage. Perfectly suitable for work with large amounts of information. Provides instant data entry to exit. Handles peak loads perfectly, guaranteeing smooth operation with instant signal flow.
  • Computing. Offered for those who need secure web traffic at medium to high load.
  • Memory. Ensures efficient memory caching under significant analytical workloads in real time.
  • GPU. A reliable tool for companies constantly working with maximum loads. It will help to establish the smooth operation of complex technological processes.

A shared virtual server is an important tool for dealing with multiple clients. It gives the opportunity to continuously maintain remote communication with different departments, suppliers, customers. You can order the required service by calling the office or filling out the application form on our website.


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