The Key Values of an Online Broker 


Hiring an online broker is about finding the perfect match for your financial goals and investing level. It's about entering a partnership that will be mutually beneficial, one that propels you to achieve your aspirations and enables you to walk away a winner.

Here paying particular attention to the critical values of an online broker will help separate the best online broker from the others. 

However, values are a challenging metric to quantify. That needn't be the case if you can define the six central values online brokers should possess. 

6 Key Values The Best Online Brokers Possess 

If you're putting stock — literally and figuratively — in the advice of your online broker, you want to guarantee they have the six values listed below. 

1. Selflessness (Client-Centered) 

For an online broker to be an asset to you, they need to have your best interest at heart. 

They need to possess a level of selflessness that allows them to position you for success, even if that advice won't net them the most profit. 

You can assess selflessness during the vetting stage. 

If an online broker is less interested in your goals and objectives than promoting their services as the answer to all your questions, you can expect them to always act in their self-interest. 

A good online broker is confident in their abilities, but not to the point where they ignore your financial needs. 

2. Honesty 

Veteran traders value honesty in a broker more than anything else, and so should you. The reason is honesty is integral to guaranteeing you always come out on top whether you're trading or investing. 

The best online brokers won't sugarcoat their misgivings to spare your feelings. Instead, an exceptional broker will tell you the truth without attempting to make a positive spin. However, they will offer real solutions, alternatives, or plans to ensure you win.

The best online broker can share pessimistic predictions and help you navigate market sentiment with expectations rooted in realism. 

3. Shrewdness 

Remember that financial markets are a messy business. There will be winners and losers. The best online broker can admit that and — using a level of shrewdness — advise you so that, more often than not, you're a winner. 

4. Diligence 

Hard work is often touted as the key to success, but diligence is the accurate barometer of success. 

An online broker who has their finger on the pulse, doing deep dives on companies, indices, currencies, and local and international markets, will outperform those who, while they may be working hard, are relying on the research others have performed. 

5. Professionalism 

While it is advantageous to build rapport with your online broker, professionalism is the aim of any relationship you develop with a broker. 

To ascertain if your broker possesses a level of professionalism paramount for success, assess the following attributes. 

Can they maintain composure and remain level-headed even in high-pressure situations? 

Do they adhere to a strict ethics code and personal and professional accountability? 

Do they conduct themselves professionally while communicating with you and other clients? 

Have they responded well to criticism and made changes? 

The answer to all these questions should be yes. 

An online broker that possesses all these traits has a commitment to and understanding of their profession that typically only comes from years of experience. 

6. Impartiality 

The sixth and final value — possibly the most important — is impartiality. 

Choosing an online broker over a traditional broker comes with conveniences, but it also means that your broker is unlikely to be tied to or partial to a specific financial product or investment vehicle simply because their company offers it.

Possessing impartiality also means your online broker won't be swayed by market sentiment or their misgivings or preferences but can make an objective assessment based on fact. 

This quality enables your broker to advise you on the suitability of a product to your financial needs and investment aspirations. 


To have the best experience with an online broker, assess whether they have these values before hiring them. 

Assess their traits with a virtual interview and through client testimonials. 

Be thorough while vetting them, as this makes the decision easier and saves you the heartache associated with lost opportunities or profits that can come from choosing the wrong broker. 

Consider your broker's role in managing your money. If they don't possess these values, how could they grow your investment, offer you advice tailored to your objectives, and ensure you cash out a winner?


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